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Our Mission & Philosophy

At Hirotako Catering, the success of your event is our most important priority.

  • Our goal is to combine creativity, passion and professionalism in everything we do.

  • We specialize in making your vision become reality.

  • We concentrate on serving our customer's needs, whatever they may be.  Your customers are our customers.

  • The extent of the products and services that we can provide is limited only to your imagination.

  • We handle all the details of your concession's agreement with your venue which will eliminate the stress associated with it, leaving you more time to concentrate on other more important areas of your convention.

  • Our services are produced by fans, for fans.  Our management team has 10 years of combined experience working in the pop-culture convention service industry from being attendees to vendors and even con staff.  This allows us to better cater each convention uniquely.

  • Our founder/executive chef started as a merchandise vendor 11 years ago in 2005 selling handmade specialty toys and plushies at anime conventions throughout CA. He eventually graduated and pursued his passion for the culinary arts; however, he never forgot his love for the fandom world so in 2015, Hirotako was born.  He realized that there was a massive gap in the quality of food available at these conventions and being such a big foodie, he dedicated himself to closing that gap by providing specialty menus specifically tailored to fans using the unique themes of each convention.  It was an instant hit and we've been non-stop eversince.

Our goal is to eliminate the stress that's associated with planning your next event.  We work with your venue on all food related details and handle all concession matters & fees for you.  We work realistically within your budget and we do not have any hidden fees or consultation charges. As a matter of fact, you pay nothing.  By having us as your 3rd party vendor, we take over the concession part of your contract, and even the fees associated with it.

The following is a list of reasons why we can guarantee that we will provide you with the best food and service at the best price ($0):

  • Our core staff has over 15 years of combined experience within the food service industry and 10 years of combined experience within the Anime & Comic Convention service industry.

  • We handle our own staffing with skilled professionals that are comfortable taking on multiple roles.

  • We contract multiple commercial kitchen commissaries that are State Certified in the areas of sanitation and safety.

  • We can also plan and cost out the amount of food needed to cover each and every attendee and even staff as well based on an estimated attendance.  No one will go hungry. We promise.

  • We have wholesale pricing contracts with local food vendors enabling us to eliminate the mark up found when purchasing food from a retail store so food costs are lowered for attendees which in turn allows them to enjoy more of the show.

  • We own all of our small wares, place settings and transportation.  We do not have to go through a rental company.  This will also allow for lower operating costs which in turn will lower food prices for attendees.  Our current position allows us to cater up to 100,000 customers without the need of contracting any outside parties.

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