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Types of organizations


Sports Teams

Booster Clubs

Boy Scouts


Cheerleading Squads

Religious Organizations

Girl Scouts

High School Sports Teams

Little League Teams

Parent Teacher Organizations

School Organizations

School Bands

Senior Communities


Student Councils

Swim Teams

Teams in Training


How does my organization earn money from this program?


20% of total sales (pre-tax) brought in by your fundraiser will be donated directly to your organization. A check will be issued immediately after your event.  There is absolutely NO COST to you or your organization.  Gift card purchases are not applicable toward fundraiser sales.


Why should I hold my fundraiser at Hirotako?


It's easy to ask people to come to Hirotako — they love it as much as a sunny day. They can feel good about the food they eat and the contribution they'll make, too. Hirotako has helped many organizations, and now yours can benefit from this easy-to-organize program with generous rewards.  Remember, there is absolutely no cost to you.  We make the food, We sell the food, We give you 20%.  That's it!  Any food that we don't sell, we bear the cost and we will never make you pay for it or subtract it from your 20%.  We promise.  We love our community and we want to help any organization with a great cause.


Any suggestions for making this fundraiser a success?


After you've reserved your Fundraising date, take these steps to create the biggest turnout and largest donation to your cause.

  • Put a flyer in your organization's newsletter.

  • Announce your Hirotako Fundraiser on your website, and add a link to a downloadable PDF of the flyer.

  • Attach the flyer to an e-mail going out to the family, friends, office, etc.

  • Call your local newspaper. They're always looking for information on charitable events in the community.

  • Pass out flyers during large gatherings, group meetings, training sessions and area sporting events.

  • Announce the fundraiser on the P.A. system at another local event.

  • Share the details in your online invitations, such as Evite.

  • Announce the event on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook.

  • To increase the funds raised by your organization, encourage people to order combo meals for their group, home or office during your event. 

  • Most important, cast a wide net. Talk to everybody. There are plenty of fish in the sea (not to mention the ones in our Takoyaki). The more people that come to your Fundraiser, the more money your fund-lovin' organization will earn. 

To submit your fundraiser event to us.  Please fill out the form below.

Have a great cause? 

Want to raise some money for it? Then check out Hirotako's Fundraisers — an exciting and enjoyable way to support your organization. Hirotako helps you plan your fundraiser and make it a success, with sharp-looking flyers and, of course, our delicious food. Best of all, Hirotako will donate 20% of our total sales right back to your group! With great food and good times, Hirotako makes sure your fundraiser starts with FUN and ends with SUCCESS.

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