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We love food, and we love to serve food! We are not your traditional catering company, nor are we a typical concession stand. What we do is different, revolutionary and, more importantly, delicious.

Ready to book us?

If you’re planning an event, Hirotako provides great food to your people, first and foremost! Just as importantly, though, Hirotako saves you money. If we serve as your primary food vendor, it often replaces the concession fee requirements in your contract with your venue/convention center. On top of that, Hirotako does not charge any booking fees to you. That’s right – we come to you completely FREE! If you decide that you want to use the provided concessions but still contract our services, we are fine with that too. We’ve partnered with numerous venues over the course of the many events that we have catered at. We do the heavy lifting and work with them to take care of all concession-related fees such as Regulatory Permit Fees, Concession Fees, etc. We know that every 'con' has a strict budget, so therefore we do our best to take care of the details related to our operations by working with your venue and all regulatory agencies so that you don't have to.  Please fill out the form below to let us know who you are, we'll get back to you in a jiffy.  If you have questions, please let us know by Contacting Us.

Our business works on a pop-up micro-catering concept. Think of it as a blend between a catering company and a concession stand. Anime and other pop culture events often take place in large venues and convention centers; with renting these large facilities comes the required food/concession contract agreements and fees. Not only are these very expensive and can bring a hailstorm of headaches, but the concessions typically offer only the usual fare of food with limited diversity. What Hirotako does is come in as a 3rd party vendor to provide a slew of exciting food options to event attendees. With our specialty in Japanese street food, our business was made for the anime convention scene (although we are certainly not limited only to it), and we have the success to prove it! Better still, we tailor our menu to each event’s specific themes and needs. Does your convention have a 1950’s diner theme? We can suit that (and we have, actually)! Hirotako has served in a long list of successful events that span a broad range of themes and target audiences.

What's in it for me?

What we do...

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